Christmas Books for Kids.

One of my favorite things to do with my girls (yes, even Alana – I don’t think you can ever be too young to enjoy books!) is read. Harper is really getting into stories now so she loves that time before bed when we all cozy up together and she gets to ask a million questions, “why he do that though, daddy?” and, “then what happened, mommy?” even after we’ve finished a book!

I like to buy books for each holiday – Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. – as well as having books that we can read all year round and here you will find my picks for Christmas this year. Christmas is probably the holiday I enjoy most and it is the time of year that I really look forward to so I am super excited for lots of themed story time with my babies, and I hope you enjoy some with yours, too!

All of the books I’ve featured are linked here – you can just click on each book name!



How The Grinch Stole Christmas: This is such a cute book featuring the Grinch, Cindy-Lou and the Who’s of Whoville. It is filled with silly rhymes that kids just love and ends with a thoughtful message. Harper really likes this one, and I find it so fun to read.

Home Alone: Perhaps not classic in the conventional sense but classic to me! Home Alone reminds me of Christmas as a child. I’m pretty sure I watched the movies at least five times every single year, and I still LOOOOVE them today! Home Alone in book form is just as hilarious to me as the movies. What kid (or adult) doesn’t enjoy mind-blowing traps involving things like irons swinging from atop the stairs?! A total laugh out loud read (for me at least!).

The Night Before Christmas: Not even kidding, I know this entire book off by heart. It is a poem all about, well, as the name suggests – the night before Christmas. I remember lying in bed saying this poem to myself on Christmas Eve’s past when I was too excited to sleep! Now I’m all like, “9pm? goodnight!” but I hope that my girls will love and remember this book someday as much as I do today.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Okay, so Harper is obsessed with songs and singing so Rudolph is a well-known character around my house but to have a story about him as well as a song is just extra special. Oh, and the illustrations in this book are adorable.


Fun Favorites:


Merry Christmas, Stinky Face: I don’t know where Harper got her sense of humor from (cough) but if we’re saying “stinky face”, it’s a winner and that is all. This is a colorful board book and if your kids are young, they’ll more than likely love it.

A Bad Kitty Christmas: Another of Harper’s loves – somebody being naughty! What is it with children and finding people misbehaving so hilarious?! This bad kitty turns good in the end, though so the final message is a good one for your littles.

Llama Llama Holiday Drama: I adore the Llama Llama books in general. I think they are so perfect for younger children. A wonderful lesson about patience in this one (which I might just need to read about seventy billion more times around here before it actually sinks in!).

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: Perhaps more suitable for older children but a timeless book, once again featuring those ever elusive (and much loved) naughty children who show us all the true meaning of Christmas.


Sweet Stories:


The Christmas Wish: A dreamy story about the sweetest little girl who wants to be one of Santa’s elves. Aside from being beautifully illustrated, this book is full of Christmas magic and wonder. Love it!

Christmas Farm: I’m a bit of a sucker for all things that pull on the heartstrings so this story, all about friendship, is right up there for me. Again, the pictures in this one are gorgeous which is great when your audience don’t have the longest of attention spans just yet, like mine!

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey: Excuse me while I go cry now! Such a moving and heartwarming tale about a lonely man with a sad secret. Of course there is a Christmas miracle that transforms his life. And oh, the pictures…!

A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree: This story about a sad tree who is never chosen to be a Christmas Tree is super endearing. All about the lengths friends will go to to help you out.


For Babies:

I tend not to buy a ton of books specifically targeted at babies, as in those books with just one word per page, because I feel like they don’t get used for very long and a baby can enjoy any kind of book really as long as the pages are colorful. So I like to invest more in books that can be used as baby grows up. Here are two board books I do think are cute, though.

Babies Love Christmas: Lift-A-Flap Board Book: A cute Christmas themed board book that is bright, colorful and has lots of fun flaps for baby to open and play with. What more can I say?!

The Itsy Bitsy Snowman: A Christmas take on the Itsy Bitsy Spider, all about a snowman. Harper loves this one, great for little ones who are into rhymes and singing.


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