What To Buy On Amazon Prime – Mom Edition.

I’ll admit it – I am an Amazon Prime addict. I love being able to buy something and have it show up on my doorstep a day or two later, it is the best! I have quite a few “mom favorites”, things that I buy or have bought for my kids on Amazon Prime, and that make my life as a mom easier so I am sharing these items here.

First up, Parasol diapers. These are my absolute favorite diapers. I have a subscription with Amazon for them, that’s how obsessed I am! They are soooo soft, have never caused any irritation on either of my girls and come in the most adorable prints. I mean, sure it isn’t necessary to have pretty diapers but it is kinda fun!

This sleep sack is what my four month old wears at night over her footed pajamas to keep her warm and cozy. I have used this ever since she transitioned into sleeping in her crib, and my older daughter slept in these as well until she turned two. They are awesome because unlike a regular blanket, the sleep sack can’t slip over baby’s head or fall off during the night leaving baby cold. This particular sleep sack is the softest material I have ever felt, I wish they made one big enough for me to sleep in!


Sticking with the sleep theme, I adore Copper Pearl crib sheets and you can pick these up on Amazon, too. This one and this one are my favorites. Super cute patterns, they’re soft and they wash really well.

The Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper is a total game changer! I have the auto one linked here, but there are cheaper versions that either don’t rock or that you need to manually rock. This thing is amazing! My baby loves it! She is happy to just chill out in it, listening to the music that it plays and she takes really long naps in it, too. Best thing ever!

I travel with my kids quite a long, including flying long-haul a few times a year, and without a doubt, the best stroller that I’ve used for that purpose is the Babyzen YoYo+. This stroller folds up teeny tiny – so small that it can fit in the overhead baggage compartment on an airplane. It also has a shoulder strap so that when folded, you can easily carry it. It is crazy light and can be used for an infant also, either with a bassinet or by attaching your own car seat. Love love love this!

My two year old daughter really likes stickers. She would spend hours (well, maybe not hours, but long periods of time!) playing with them. These Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Books are the best because she can play with them over and over again, moving the stickers from one page to another endlessly. They have tons of different kinds, princesses, car etc. but I have linked the holiday version here which is adorable!

Sometimes we all need to bribe our crazy toddlers, right?! Bribe them to stay sitting in the cart while you do the grocery shopping, sound familiar? I always carry a couple of these Organic Lollipops in my bag for times like that. No artificial flavors or colors and my daughter loves ’em.

This activity gym has been awesome for my four month old. We use it for tummy time, as well as for letting her play on and she seems to enjoy it. It lights up and plays music, and has overhead hanging toys for her to look up at. 100% recommend!

It is a lifesaver to be able to buy all of these things online, without the hassle of trying to bring my two babies to a store and searching for what I need. Amazon Prime – I am eternally grateful!


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