Christmas Pajamas for Kids.

I’ll admit it – my kids have way too many pairs of pajamas. Way. Too. Many. I just think they are so cute! I love changing up their pj’s to match different times of year. Harper is old enough to get excited about this now, too, and the day after Halloween told me that she couldn’t wear her “punkin jammies” anymore! Of course that meant it was time for Christmas and maybe I went a tad overboard on this one!

Here are some of my favorite festive pajamas for kids!


Festive trees sleep set.


Ruffle Footie with Zipper, Silver Stars.

This adorable footie has the sweetest little ruffle butt!


Mixed Stripe Sleep Set.

There is also a matching footie version of these pajamas here which make a great sibling set, if you have a toddler and a baby! Love the classic Christmas colors – total elf vibes!


Glitter festive lights sleep set.


Zip Footie in Cherry.

I love these zip footies on babies all year round because they’re super soft, comfy and convenient for diaper changes. The cherry color is perfect for Christmas. There is also a green one. The striped version here would be really cute, too.


June & January Star Pajamas.

So cute!!


Gift fairy sleep set.

Harper loves this pair because of the fairies – these are probably her favorite pajamas right now.


2 Piece Snug Fit Cotton PJ’s.

So many really sweet options this year!

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